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Quentin Greffe on his research project

In a solid-state environment, spins are generally well coupled to phonons. Understanding spin-phonon interactions is therefore essential for quantum technologies in which information is encoded in the spin degrees of freedom. In my project, we study spin-phonon interactions using piezo-acoustic devices that we control with microwave circuits. Specifically, we bond a piezoelectric transducer on a crystal containing spins, and we use the transducer to couple to the bulk acoustic modes defined by the crystal itself. This allows us to look at resonant spin-phonon interactions in a spectroscopic manner. The goal of this platform is to identify spin candidates suitable to realize spin qubits that can be acoustically interfaced with superconducting circuits.



Robust superconducting and hybrid quantum bits

Circuit supraconducteur permettant de manipuler un chat de Schrödinger.jpg
Superconducting circuit enabling the manipulation of a Schrödinger cat qubit

@N.Hoppenot/ENS Lyon


The RobustSuperQ project aims at accelerating French R&D on superconducting and hybrid qubits protected by construction against decoherence. It is part of a post-transmon strategy, alternative to surface code, in which the French teams are at the forefront. It brings together all of these teams around three complementary concepts: the Cat-code architecture, spin qubits implanted on superconducting circuits, and topologically protected superconducting qubits.

RobustSuperQ is a PEPR,

a priority programme for research and equipment, part of the French Quantum Plan

blanc sans contour.png
PIA sur rond blanc.png


Assemblage d'un circuit supraconducteur en cavité.jpg
Assembling a superconducting circuit in cavity

@N.Hoppenot/ENS Lyon

We accelerate the French R&D on robust superconducting and hybrid qubits protected against decoherence. The project is organized into work packages (WP)

- WP0: Bricks of components and methods for WP1, 2 and 3.

- WP1: Cat-qubits encoding information in quantum superpositions of coherent microwave states.

- WP2: Dopant Spin qubits, encoding information in electronic and nuclear spins.

- WP3: Development of new qubits with topological protection.

- WP4: Creation and modernization of two manufacturing platforms* for superconducting qubits, and project coordination.

WP blanc.png

*Platforms: The two technical poles in the field, Ile-de-France and Grenoble, will make a qualitative leap in terms of resources, via the creation at CEA-Université Paris-Saclay of a new dedicated platform, and the acquisition of fabrication and characterization tools in the two poles. The resources will be pooled and interoperable, and the synergy of know-how and associated processes will be maximized.

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