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RobustSuperQ Days 2024 in Grenoble March 25 and 26

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Robust superconducting and hybrid quantum bits

Circuit supraconducteur permettant de manipuler un chat de Schrödinger.jpg
Superconducting circuit enabling the manipulation of a Schrödinger cat qubit

@N.Hoppenot/ENS Lyon


The RobustSuperQ project aims at accelerating French R&D on superconducting and hybrid qubits protected by construction against decoherence. It is part of a post-transmon strategy, alternative to surface code, in which the French teams are at the forefront. It brings together all of these teams around three complementary concepts: the Cat-code architecture, spin qubits implanted on superconducting circuits, and topologically protected superconducting qubits.

RobustSuperQ is a PEPR,

a priority programme for research and equipment, part of the French Quantum Plan

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Assemblage d'un circuit supraconducteur en cavité.jpg
Assembling a superconducting circuit in cavity

@N.Hoppenot/ENS Lyon

We accelerate the French R&D on robust superconducting and hybrid qubits protected against decoherence. The project is organized into work packages (WP)

- WP0: Bricks of components and methods for WP1, 2 and 3.

- WP1: Cat-qubits encoding information in quantum superpositions of coherent microwave states.

- WP2: Dopant Spin qubits, encoding information in electronic and nuclear spins.

- WP3: Development of new qubits with topological protection.

- WP4: Creation and modernization of two manufacturing platforms* for superconducting qubits, and project coordination.

WP blanc.png

*Platforms: The two technical poles in the field, Ile-de-France and Grenoble, will make a qualitative leap in terms of resources, via the creation at CEA-Université Paris-Saclay of a new dedicated platform, and the acquisition of fabrication and characterization tools in the two poles. The resources will be pooled and interoperable, and the synergy of know-how and associated processes will be maximized.

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